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Some of our Milestone achievedů.

With our hard work, efficiency, dedication and support from our Associates and Port Authorities we have managed to achieve the following Milestone..

  1. M.V IDC-3
    The above vessel was at Port of Kandla for Discharge of DAP in bulk about 33000.00 M.T on 14/7/06, we discharged a quantity of 15030.00 M.T in 24 hrs. time surpassing the previous record of 14500.00 M.T.
  2. M.V Dushita Naree
    The above vessel was at Port of Kandla to load Sugar in 50 kg pp bags and the quantity to be loaded was 17683.00 M.T, and the Shipper for same were M/s Indian Sugar Exim Corporation Limited, we loaded 6551.00 M.T in 24 hours’ time, the previous record of same was 5086.00 M.T, setting another record at Port of Kandla in Stevedoring of Bagged Cargo.
  3. M.V Everest
    The above vessel was at Port of Kandla to load 28000.00 M.T of Agri Products on 23/12/06, and the Shipper were M/s Gokul Re-Foils and Solvent Limited; we loaded 19300.00 M.T in 24 hours’ time.
  4. M.V Star Pollux
    The above vessel was at Port of Kandla to Discharge 42000.00 M.T of Iron Ore Pallets on 17/03/2007, and the Shippers were M/s BGH Exim Limited, we discharged a quantity of 36834.00 M.T in 24 hours’ time, and the entire quantity was discharged in 32 hours.
  5. M.V Balsjford
    The above vessel was at Port of Kandla to discharge 39000.00 M.T of Coal, and the Shippers were  M/S BGH Exim Limited, and we discharges quantity of 38400.00 M.T in 24 hours’ time…

With such an endearing support from Port Authorities, Clients, Associates and our will to reach our goal of setting new landmarks in our trade, we look forward to achieve many more such milestones…

Looking at the Global scenario of Demand and Supply chain and understanding the value of time, our main aim is to provide best possible service to our valuable clients, we are committed for cost effective efficient service, so as to help them grow their business as well as ours too.
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